REIWA property managers share their number one tip for tenants

18 Sep 2023 Posted By:

There is no denying it’s hard to get a rental property at the moment and over the past few years we’ve provided lots of tips to help prospective tenants stand out from the crowd, such as including a cover letter, pet resume or meeting the property manager.

These all help, but if you speak to our property managers they say the most important thing to do is fill out your application correctly.

It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people don’t, and in an environment where property managers (and sometimes AI) have to sort through hundreds of applications, those forms that are missing information usually go to the bottom of the pile and some very good tenants miss out on homes.

These are the things REIWA property managers say are often missed out or filled in incorrectly in rental applications.

  • Photo ID – if the application asks for it, include it. One property manager noted that out of seven applications they received for a property, six were missing photo ID. Note: The Department of Transport now allows people to block their drivers licence to prevent identity theft. If you use your licence for ID when applying for a rental, you must unblock it otherwise an error message will be received when your ID is checked.
  • Contact details of your employers. Employment details are important to show you can pay rent. A property manager noted they had an application from a 34 year-old tenant who was apparently retired. There was no indication of how they would be able to pay the rent.
  • Contact details for current landlords/property managers. If you are already renting, your landlord/property manager can provide confirmation of your rental history and a reference.
  • Personal references – filling in the references section with the same person eight times doesn’t count as eight different recommendations (it might sound silly, but this has happened).
  • Emergency contact details.
  • If you have a partner, include their application in yours. In addition, you should not state one person will be living in the home and then seek to add your partner after your application has been accepted.

As vacancies are being filled quickly, make sure you get your application in quickly. If the property manager says they’ll wait 24 hours, review applications and then speak to the owner, get yours in within 24 hours. In many cases applications are made through digital platforms and once you’ve filled in one you can use it for other properties, so it shouldn’t take too long.

If a property manager does contact you asking for more information, please respond.

One of our property managers had a family apply for two of their properties.  They said their application looked good, but more information was needed, which they requested – emailing both the husband and wife. They didn’t hear back from either and the property went to someone else. Later the property manager saw the family post on a community Facebook page stating they’d been looking for a property for seven months and hadn’t been successful. They may have if they’d responded to the property manager. When the property manager responded, they said they hadn’t checked their emails.


7th September 2023